How Did I Get Here?


I have always been someone who has had too many interests to focus on one single thing. I’ve always loved sharing my passions with others. There have been many times I looked into starting a YouTube Channel about makeup, a fitness Instagram or a cooking page on Facebook – Nothing has stuck for me. This is why I’ve started The L’ambitieuse Enthusiast, my home for everything me.

I chose this name because I aim for the stars with whatever I become passionate about. L’ambitieuse means “the ambitious” or “ambitious one” in French. Hence, the ambitious enthusiast. If you stick around I’ll be randomly talking about all things life, like beginning to practice yoga, traveling with my younger sister, accomplishments at work and some girly stuff too!

I love photography and have been developing my skills in that aspect, I hope to relate all my articles with some type of illustration. I enjoy trying out new beauty products and will occasionally have reviews here as well.

I’m excited to share my life and experiences with you and look forward to the adventures ahead.



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