My Jog/Walking Essentials

It’s a gorgeous day in Oregon and I feel like going for a jog this evening. Do you have any must-haves before you walk out the door? Here’s mine-


First of all, I don’t know anyone who enjoys going for a walk without their music.  I love my iPhone 6s Plus. I’ve thought about getting the 7 but I honestly see no reason to do so. I make some awesome playlists on Spotify that are either encouraging or relaxing depending on the pace I plan to be at. I go through headphones like crazy so I just pick up cheap ones at Ross or BestBuy like these.

I’ve never been someone to use a re-usable bottle (which is terrible) until I moved to Oregon. The water here is so fresh and doesn’t have chemicals added to our tapwater.  You can make ice from it and the cubes are crystal clear. So I finally caved and purchased a great insulated bottle by TAKEYA. Typically similar brands are very expensive for one but one day walking through Costco I found a two pack for $29! Complete steal – and now I never leave the house without mine. It keeps my water freezing cold for over a day (if I don’t drink it all first).

My Nike sweater! This is my all time favorite sweater. I think it’s most peoples once they try it on – my little sister stole mine for about 3 months *eye roll*. Thankfully the Nike headquarters is located only 5 miles from my house and I occasionally can go the employee store which is 50% off everything always!  If you want to check out the sweater Macy’s typically carries it and has coupons regularly.

Last is my favorite protein mix that I have when I get back home. I pick these Olly packs up from Target in all kinds of flavors. My favorite is the salted caramel though. Really easy pre-packaged sizes, through it in my single size blender with some almond milk and ice, and yummmm! A nice refreshing treat that’s good for your muscles. And only 3 Weight Watchers points 😉

What are some of your fitness favorites?


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