ColorPop – Aquarius Review

If you haven’t heard about ColourPop you’re seriously missing out in the beauty world. They are a very inexpensive online only makeup brand that has come a LONG way in quality over the last year. 

One of my all time favorite beauty YouTuber’s is Kathleen Lights. She’s a very humble, sweet and honest guru. She’s always looking for inexpensive high quality makeup – she’s now done three (maybe more?) collaborations with ColourPop and she never disappoints! 

This is her Aquarius trio! It’s a special run CP did for her Birthday this year. It includes a gloss, a satin liquid lip and a matte liquid lip. There are GORGEOUS! 

Suck beautiful colors, and for a $15 bundle you really can’t go wrong. 

Get them here

Can’t wait for their next release 😘


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