About Me

I’m Lindsay – San Diego girl born and raised that made a crazy decision to move to the Pacific North West…completely alone. My life has drastically changed over the last couple years and it’s getting better every single day.

Oregon is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever experienced. It’s also the wettest (obviously). You could imagine the environmental shock I went through from it being sunny and 70 every day to, well, cold damp and dreary 7-8 months a year. I didn’t think I would adapt as well as I have and I’ve fallen madly in love with Portland.

My life has never had a single path to follow. I’ve had jobs in multiple industries and gone to school for both business and cosmetology, neither of which I ever finished. But even though I never got those degrees I still took the most away from the time I was there. There’s so much out there to learn and experience I haven’t been able to settle on one thing.

I have fallen in and out and back in love. I have been nearly homeless to having the most beautiful apartment I could ever wish for. I’ve had times where I was so down in the dumps I never thought I’d be happy again to realizing how much life really has to offer. I’ve had a far from perfect life but I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. And I wouldn’t go back and change a thing.

Wanderlust, optimist, aspiring cook, makeup addict, philophile – All things that make meΒ L’ambitieuse Enthusiast.Β